Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg begins road reconditioning

Road maintenance efforts within all seven areas of Yekaterinburg began Wednesday with the delivery of the first 300 tons of an asphalt and concrete mixture.

Municipal road services took delivery of the first 200 tons of asphalt from Yekaterinburg ABZ's facility in Top-Isetsky before noon on Wednesday, with another 100 tons arriving from Leninsky Daewoo later in the day. Though crews were gathered to begin road repairs that same day, work was suspended due to poor weather, reports.

Weather forecasters predict that weather conditions will improve enough by the middle of next week for workers to begin mixing and laying asphalt along Yekaterinburg's roads. As a result of the delay, the Administration of Yekaterinburg announced that it will accelerate the pace of the road work.

Director of Yekaterinburg ABZ asphalt plant Anatoly Kordyukov informed municipal officials that his facility is capable of producing 1,000 tons of hot asphalt per day in warm weather conditions.

The plant will begin to furnish city road workers with a special cold asphalt mixture that can be used to fix potholes and repave roads in temperatures beneath 10 degrees Celsius. The cold mixture, however, takes longer to dry, causing longer road closures, reports.