Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kushvinskogo's Baranchinsky club recognized as most accessible for the disabled

Inspectors from the Kushvinskogo urban district have determined that the Baranchinsky club, a leisure and cultural center, is the most handicapped-accessible facility of its kind in the urban district.

Auditors from both the district government and the Upper Toure Cultural Center jointly conducted inspections earlier this year of 11 different culture and leisure clubs located within or near the Kushvinskogo urban district to determine whether or not the facilities met the standards of access required by law for people with limited mobility, Oblgazeta reports.

Inspectors reported that not only did the Baranchinsky club provide the most access to disabled patrons, but it was the only club to offer any provisions for the handicapped. As a result, the Kushvinskogo City Court has issued violations to each club inspected except Baranchinsky.

Built in 1750 as the central building of the now historic Baranchinsky Village, the Baranchinsky club hosts up to 600 guests per day for amateur sports events, concerts and arts classes. In 2005, the building was fitted with such provisions for the disabled as emergency call buttons, wheelchair ramps and rail grips.

A large portion of the club's programs cater specifically to children and young adults - 26 of Baranchsinky's regular guests are children with disabilities, Oblgazeta reports.