Sunday, May 27, 2018

Peri provides scaffolding for ISET Tower construction in Urals

Peri, a leading supplier of scaffolding systems around the world, has been selected to provide the climbing formwork for the construction of Yekaterinburg's ISET Tower.

Engineers from Peri have developed a scaffolding system built to withstand the Urals' high winds and the tower's unique multi-dimensional elevator shafts. The formwork is a modified version of Peri's ACS 100 climbing unit and is entirely self-climbing. The unit will feature a suspended TRIO panel and working platforms at every level.

The ISET Tower is scheduled to be completed this summer and will stand at a height of 685 feet above sea level. The tower will have 52 floors containing a total of 250 private apartments and a variety of service facilities. Parking spaces for the tower's future occupants will be held inside four underground levels.