Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rostelecom to begin airing History channel

Rostelecom began airing the History channel last week on the Interactive Network.

The History channel offers bright, interesting, intriguing and informative programming to offer the widest view of the past, ancient civilizations and great discoveries. It also offers programming on war, victory, people, love and betrayal.

The channel will be included as part of Interactive TV's "Max," "Popular" and "Cognitive" subscription packages.

"I am happy that in a country like Russia, a historic canal, which focuses not only on what to talk about Russian history, but also the fact that tell about the history of the world with our eyes, our understanding," Alexey Denisov, the chief editor of the channel, said. "And most importantly - good to know that this thematic channels connected multi-million audience of subscribers 'Rostelecom,' it means that there will be more television viewers living in different cities of our country. "

Interactive TV is a product from Rostelecom that allows viewers to pause, rewind and archive programming.