Saturday, July 21, 2018

Aeroexpress terminals exhibit "Around the World" photographs

Aeroexpress recently installed two sets of photo exhibitions entitled "Distant Relatives" in its Belarusian railway station and the Sheremetyevo airport.

"The main idea is to show that even very unlike us people far the world, with the culture, customs and habits, can become closer, we only need to look at them more closely and feel their aspirations and emotions," "Around the World" magazine Marketing Director Sergei Voronov said.

"Distant Relatives" is a collection of more than 50 photographs taken by journalists from "Around the World" magazine, featuring shots of people and landscapes located in the deserts, jungles and plains.

"Going by Aeroexpress to the airport, passengers are in anticipation of the upcoming holiday, and to create the appropriate mood, we've put together bright, exotic pictures taken in different parts of the world," Aeroexpress Press Director Nadezhda Dorhieva said. "Thanks to our partner "Around the World" magazine, the exhibition turned out really catchy and inspiring."

"Distant Relatives" will remain on display in both locations until June 2014.