Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg inspects dams and reservoirs in preparation for flood waters

In anticipation of flooding associated with meltwater, Eugene Lipovich, the deputy head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg on Beautification, Transportation and Environment, held a meeting on April 3 regarding the flood commission.

Lipovich announced the results of a survey of waterworks at the meeting, including inspection of all 12 of the city's dams, reports.

Lipovich said all the dams were ready to pass flooodwaters and that the UTN Top-Isetsky reservoir, City Pond and Lower Reservoir Isetsky were equipped with round the clock duty operators.

Small rivers, meanwhile, were organized with detours and emergency crews and an inspection of bridge piers saw no threat of emergency conditions.

Alexander Kowalczyk, the director of audit results for MUP water canals, said that the survey tested waterworks operation hoists, diesel power plants and all kinds of communication with downstream waterworks. He said that inspections were completed on cable routes for power lines and that all backup equipment was tested.

"The commission considers that all four reservoirs GTS are ready to pass meltwater," Kowalcyzk said, reports.

The report also showed that the supply of drinking water was in stable condition.