Sunday, June 17, 2018

Man accused of defrauding realtors in Sverdlovsk region

A criminal case was opened last week against Tigran Simonyan, the former head of customer service for the Severouralsk urban district.

The Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry said the former official offered assistance to Ural realtors in purchasing public flats at discounted prices. According to a police report, Simonyan allegedly illegally received $5,690 as a bribe for assistance in acquiring state property, Kommersant reports.

Simonyan allegedly offered help in acquiring three apartments to leadership from a regional real estate agency. The apartments were owned by the Sverdlovsk Ministry of State Property and had a market value of around $430,000.

Simonyan allegedly assured the realtors they could gain ownership of the apartments by paying $85,000 along with $34,000 as a transaction fee.

"He came to us on their own through mutual friends, and presenting a person close to the leadership of the authorities, made an attractive offer to buy real estate," Nikita Devin, the official representative of the affected parties, said, according to Kommersant. "However, we decided to contact the police when they realized that to MUGISO he has nothing."