Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Children's book author Vladislav Krapivin awarded Children's Prize

Ural Federal University journalism graduate Vladislav Krapivin was presented with the Children's Prize at President Putin's award ceremony of children's writers at the Kremlin on Wednesday.

Krapivin began writing his first children's book, "Flight Orion," in 1950. Completed and published in 1962, the book became a very popular among families in the Sverdlovsk region. Since then, Krapivin has authored dozens of novels, novellas and short stories for children and young adults.

"Vladlslav Krapivin--real, interesting writer," NSN news agency Animator and Director Alexander Horlenko said. "What distinguishes the artist from the common man? Simple man sees the sky in a puddle on the pavement. And now the creator sees the sky, clouds. He raised his head all the time, and he enjoys it, trying to share this joy with everyone else. I think that this wonderful writer will be very useful and very glad [to receive] this support, this attention."

Born and raised in Tyumen, Krapivin attended UrFU's Pedagogical Institute. After graduation, he joined UrFU's faculty in the journalism department. Aside from his writing and publishing career, Krapivin runs Caravel, a children's camping club.