Sunday, June 24, 2018

Heritage City project brings work of Pavel Bazhov to commuters

Heritage City, a multicultural project aimed at preserving and developing the cultural and historical heritage of Yekaterinburg, kicked off on Tuesday, bringing the work of Russian writer Pavel Bazhov to commuters.

As part of the project, the 1905 area of Yekaterinburg's tram service featured characters in costume speaking about the work of Bazhov, who is best known for his collection of fairytales, one of which was later adapted into a play by composer Sergei Prokofiev, reports.

Bazhov was born in 1879 in Sysert, a city in the Ural region famous for providing a substantial number of soldiers during the Russian Revolution in 1917. He died in 1950 in Moscow and was buried in Yekaterinburg.

"For me it is not only interesting, but also important, because I work in the travel company and this information is useful to me," a tram passenger said after learning information about Bazhov during his ride, according to "That's good because we have a lot of culture, about which you can tell. All are worthy of it, but on all the trams do not have enough."

The Heritage City tram project will continue throughout 2014 on route No. 18. Program organizers have enlisted the help of 15 local artists to create visual displays for the trams, each showcasing a different literary or public figure like Bazhov throughout the year.