Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Skolkovo announces new partnerships for Imagine Cup

The Skolkovo Foundation announced on Tuesday a partnership with Russian Venture Co., the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Microsoft in sponsoring the Imagine Cup IT competition.

Imagine Cup 2014 will bring together students for training in business, project development and collaboration. Participants in the event create projects to solve technological problems facing the world, and the best projects receive grants for development.

This year, the competition is expected to draw 200 student teams from over 100 countries.

"[I]t is supporting the development of the younger generation in the field of technology is very important - both for the whole world, and Russia," Microsoft Russia President Nikolai Pryanishnikova said. "We have already moved to the stage when 'easy' way to grow the economy is exhausted, and we can achieve economic growth only if we increase productivity, use of new technologies, to disclose the potential to receive added value. And all this is due to advances in technology."