Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg officials probe source of contamination at Upper Isetsky

Yekaterinburg health officials recently warned citizens about using water from the Upper Isetsky Pond, where water was found to contain trichlorethylene, a chemical compound that can be dangerous to human health in certain concentrations.

A recent analysis from experts at MUP Water Canal showed that the water exceeded the maximum allowable concentration of trichlorethylene--a colorless, transparent, volatile chemical that is used in technological and production processes and is dangerous to human health, Ekburg.ru reports.

The city has sent environmental experts to inspect the coastline and take water samples in places where storm water and sewage enters the waters. The city will also be inspecting factories and technical zones on the perimeter of the waters in order to identify the source of the pollution.

City health officials urged citizens to limit their use of tap water and recommended boiling water and using household filters. Local schools and medical facilities have been set up with purification filters for drinking water, according to Ekburg.ru.