Saturday, July 21, 2018

Aeroexpress wins "Best Corporate Video" award from AKMR

Aeroexpress recently received the Grand Prix at the corporate video forum organized by the Association of Directors of Communication and Corporate Media--or AKMR--and the publishing house MediaBusiness, with the support of News Media magazine.

More than 100 works across seven categories, including corporate film, informational and educational film, viral videos, corporate TV, corporate interactive website, video report, TV broadcast and RuTube broadcast,were submitted to the competition.

Aeroexpress was one of four works that were selected for the Grand Prix award.

The contest required submissions to explore the hallmarks and history of the company, as well as plans for the future and information on what it offers customers.

Last December, Aeroexpress won another prize at the First National Prize for aviation corporate videos with a film produced by WeAre73, a frequently used Aeroexpress partner.