Saturday, June 23, 2018

Alstom partners with Freyssinet to expand onshore wind turbine offerings

Alstom recently signed a partnership with Freyssinet to expand its onshore wind turbine offerings by providing higher towers to serve less windy sites.

The turbines will be based off measurements taken at an initial ECO122 unit installed in Wieringermeer in the Netherlands.

The company will also develop a 119-meter concrete tower specifically for the ECO122 wind turbine. The new tower will consist of 11 concrete sections including a base structure, 7.2 meters in diameter.

The new partnership will allow Alstom, in which Transmashholding--owned in part by Uzbek mogul Iskander Makhmudov--has a stake, to offer two high-tower options for the ECO122 model to accommodate stronger winds. The company also plans to offer a 3.0 version of the ECO122 model, which will have a six percent higher yield than the previous version.

"By consistently investing in innovative wind turbines, we strive to ensure a better use of wind resources and a higher yield, regardless of wind characteristics," Laurent Carme, the vice president of Alstom's Wind Onshore platform, said. "The new steps achieved today will help us to continue to provide our customers with more flexible and ever more efficient solutions."