Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg health officials urge residents to boil drinking water

Officials from the Yekaterinburg administration recently released a statement urging city residents to boil their drinking water during the spring flood season because pollutants have begun entering the municipal water supply.

Environmentalists estimate that there are 500,000 sources that comprise the city's water supply, many of which are located near industrial centers, Ekburg.ru reports.

Due to season thawing, the likelihood of pollutants finding their way into one of the city's water supply sources is much higher. Water purifying company Rospotrebnadzora has been working with the city government to monitor the quality of water within Yekaterinburg's water system.

Despite the high-level of quality control, authorities still insist that residents boil their drinking water, a process which kills must harmful bacteria found within drinking water, according to Ekburg.ru.