Friday, July 20, 2018

New York native Nicole Kontolefa performs Chichkanova's "I Am Me"

Nicole Kontolefa, an actress and New York native, performed Alexandra Chichkanova's famous one woman play, "I Am Me," in Moscow last week.

Last fall, Kontolefa produced, directed and performed the show at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, treating spectators to a fast-paced adventure through the human condition. On Saturday, the actress remounted the show at Moscow's ZIL Culture Center as part of the New Plays project of the Golden Mask Festival, The Moscow Times reports.

"'I Am Me' is a kind of low-octane 'road movie'", Kontolefa said, according to The Moscow Times. "The play is about loneliness and how you have to cherish every moment, and how we are, at the same time, this tiny, insignificant thing and a huge universe...our little soul is its own universe."

Earlier in her performing career, Kontolefa was a student of the Moscow Art Theater School for four years before returning to New York to become a member of the Art Theater's Studio Six.

A large factor in Kontolefa's decision to remount the one woman show in Russia was Chichkanova's suicide in Yekaterinburg in late 2012. Chichkanova worked as the executive director of Nikolai Kolyada's Kolyada Theatre, The Moscow Times reports.