Monday, July 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg prepares Mayakovsky Park for pre-FIFA festivities

Yekaterinburg's Ministry of Culture and Recreation is currently preparing Mayakovsky Park to host part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

From June 13 to July 14, the park will be the meeting place of soccer fans who are participating in a month-long marathon. The marathon activities are held in conjunction with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and are designed to showcase the park's suitability as an international sporting venue, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

"I'm sure [Mayakovsky] Park meets the essential requirements of FIFA and the requirements of security and public order during major events," Yekaterinburg Deputy Head of Administration Sergei Tushin said, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta. "[Mayakovsky] Park has a developed infrastructure and has enough free areas for this level of activity. And most importantly, it is the only public place of stay in the city, where you can host events at night. Because the nine-time difference with Brazil will be many important games we have at night."

Yekaterinburg officials have already begun gathering information regarding methods of preparing the park for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

"It is clear that the bulk of the work will focus on the improvement of the park," Sverdlovsk Deputy Prime Minister Valentin Gripas said, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports. "Give instructions to the Ministry of Energy and Utilities, construction and infrastructure to prepare proposals on this issue. We assume no obligation to hold the Summit Festival fans, so it is necessary to establish close cooperation between all responsible agencies."