Monday, June 18, 2018

Aeroexpress' double-decker trains edge closer to completion

The Stadler Rail Group announced on Wednesday that it has completed the first body finishing of Aeroexpress' new double-decker cars in a bright red paint scheme.

With Stadler's work complete, the new double-decker cars will be sent to Aeorexpress' manufacturing facility for wielding and final assembly.

The first three train cars will be fully assembled at Stadler's plant in Switzerland. Aeroexpress is looking into opening an additional manufacturing plant in Minsk, Belarus, to fulfill the growing demand for its new double-decker car.

The first completed double-decker express train is scheduled to be delivered to Russia in October, when it will be subject to testing by railway authorities.

Aeroexpress plans to put its new fleet in service by June 2015 and take delivery of the 25th and final double-decker express train by June 2016.