Friday, June 22, 2018

Ural Yekaterinburg's Gogniev: Team must be ready to tackle Spartak

Ural Yekaterinburg's Spartak Gogniev recently gave an interview about his team's upcoming match against Terek's Grozny, saying his team needs to be on defense against a "very skilled" opponent.

"[Ural Yekaterinburg] can not in any way relax because Terek-- very combat[ive] team first," Gogniev said. "Secondly, very skilled. Grozny shown that they can beat any team. In the last round they won [against] Spartacus 1-0. We are gearing up for this match. Will need to play our game and show our best qualities. And already on the field we will see who is stronger."

Gogniev said Terek has a slight advantage in the upcoming match because they have more experience playing in an indoor soccer arena.

"Because to the arena a little bit to get used to, primarily to cover the field," Gogniev said. "But Terek probably also have artificial fields, where players can prepare for this team."

Despite the advantages afforded to Terek by playing on an artificial field, Gogniev said he is still grateful for the opportunity to play the game indoors.

"It's a good alternative given our Russian realities," Gogniev said. "Think playing at roughly minus twenty. This is a normal alternative to the same audience in the stands will be very pleased at the comfort of watching football."

Gogniev said despite Ural Yekaterinburg's string of recent defeats, the players now have a "totally different psychological attitude" to the game.

"We have to go on the field and play with confidence, showing the result," Gogniev said.