Monday, June 18, 2018

Over 40 percent of Yekaterinburg residents vaccinated against flu

Officials from Yekaterinburg's City Center of Medical Prevention announced on Wednesday that more than 40 percent of the city's population has been vaccinated against the flu.

In total, 551,421 people--including 170,724 children and 380,697 adults--were vaccinated during the 2013-2014 epidemiological season. The inoculation administered to Yekaterinburg citizens is designed to prevent the H1N1 virus, the H3N2 virus and a strain of influenza B, reports.

Teachers and other employees in the education sector represent the single largest profession to receive state-sponsored flu shots, accounting for a total of 30,444 vaccinations. Health workers, transport workers and communal service accounted for more than 60,000 vaccines.

Employees of industrial enterprises represent the largest profession to purchase vaccines for employees--a total of 53,036 vaccinations--and sales representatives accounted for a total of 33,326 flu shots, according to

A total of 130,558 flu shots were distributed free-of-charge to Yekaterinburg citizens over the age of 60, and students accounted for another 52,800 state-sponsored vaccinations.

Municipal health officials hope to vaccinate 100 percent of the city's population in the coming flu season, reports.