Saturday, June 23, 2018

MegaFon launches GPS tracking software for mobile devices

MegaFon announced on Tuesday that it has begun shipping installations of MegaFon Tracker, a high-precision tracking application for mobile devices.

Developed by MegaFon subsidiary MegaLabs, the tracker determines the coordinates of its mobile devices using GPS signals in conjunction with a device's WiFi receiver and GSM module.

MegaFon is marketing the new tracking software to parents who are concerned with the safety of their children, as well as to heads of companies who wish to monitor the movement of their employees.

"Services-based geo-positioning [products] such as "Radar" and control frames are very popular with our customers," Project Manager Evgeny Nekrasov said. "But we understand that when it comes, for example, [to] the whereabouts of the child, parents need every meter, so we tried to make our services as accurate as possible. In addition, because the service uses data from several sources, virtually eliminated the possibility that the caller gets into a "blind zone" and [is] lost."

The MegaFon tracker application is currently available for download in Google Play for Android-based devices running OS Android 2.3 and newer.