Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk courts may consider murder-for-hire case

Sverdlovsk regional courts are reportedly considering accepting a case in which two men are accused of acting together to commit murder.

Alexei Savosin, a 44-year-old world-class weight-lifter, and former Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor Alexei Karpov, have been accused of organizing the murder of a local accountant in February 2010, reports.

Karpov allegedly enlisted Savosin as a killer for hire following a financial disagreement between Karpov and the accountant. Authorities reported that Karpov allegedly paid Savosin $9,600 to gun down the accountant in Moscow.

In February 2012, Karpov allegedly once again hired Savosin to murder Siberian Trading Company CEO Yevgeny Konovalov during a trolleybus ride in Crowley. Officials also allege that Savosin was paid $13,700 to shoot the CEO in the head in a public setting, reports.

Courts are expected to decide whether to try Karpov and Savosin together or separately later this month.