Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Seliger Forum registration open for USUE students

Ural State Economic University announced last week that it has opened the registration process for the 10th annual Jubilee National Seliger Youth Forum.

Drawing more than 25,000 young people from across Russia, Seliger is the amalgamation of six different youth programs: the Forum of Youth Projects held from July 9-16, the second round of the Forum of Youth Projects held from July 16-23, the Russia Calling International Forum held from July 23-30, the Civil Forum held from July 30-Aug. 6, the Civic Forum held from Aug. 6-13 and the Rosmolprom Forum held from Aug. 13-20.

Started in 2004, the Seliger Forum was an initiative of the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. It is held near Lake Seliger in Russia's Tver region.

"We give participants the opportunity to make real-time and present their project to the experts to find support and investors for its implementation," project organizer Sergey Belokoneva said. "'Seliger' is the successful format of the youth policy of the new Russia, which for the past ten years creates a generation of young people able to independently decide on its own implementation and development of the country at the same time."

Aside from informational sessions, the Seliger forum features exhibitions, games, promotions and other competitions.

Registration information for participation in Seliger 2014 can be found on the event's website at