Monday, November 12, 2018

UrFU hosts conference on mapping Russian scientific achievements

Ural Federal University recently hosted an event on the mapping of Russian scientific achievements as an educational reference and resource--part of a conference on information resources for education and science.

UrFU Vice Rector Anatoly Matern and Yuri Biktuganov, the minister of education in the Sverdlovsk region, attended and spoke at the meeting.

The creation of a map of the development of Russian science would be used to improve the overall openness of the sector of research and development, for society as a whole and for research teams and business structures.

The project aims to make searching for partners easier and more convenient. It will also allow young scientists to better understand how to build a career and decrease the amount of bureaucratic burden on researchers, as well as establish a national resource on research support.

Andrei Polyakov, the deputy director of the department of science and technology in the Sverdlovsk region's Ministry of Education, said the map would help address a number of important tasks, including the better formation of targeted support mechanisms.