Sunday, July 15, 2018

UrFU, FRII partner to support internet start-up projects

Ural Federal University recently partnered with the Foundation for Internet Development Initiatives with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in order to develop and support start-up projects carried out via internet.

The project also helps promote innovation in culture, education, research and development in the field of information technology in the Urals region.

FRII will provide the university with access to information materials that will help develop internet start-ups. UrFU will help select companies in the region to be involved in the FRII development program.

The first project under the agreement was the creation of Preakselerator, a program that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with investors.

The partnership will host an event from March 28-30 that will give participants the chance to work out a business model for their project. They will also be able to test the hypotheses, prepare a presentation and get feedback from experts.