Sunday, June 17, 2018

USUE hosts photo exhibit commemorating Russia's withdrawal from Afghanistan

Ural State Economic University opened a photography exhibit last week commemorating the 25 with anniversary of the withdrawal of Russian troops.

The exhibit depicts Afghanistan in the 1980s at a time when the Soviet Union was winding down its occupation of the country.

"When we started to collect data in our archives, [it] was only a small folder of photos," USUE museum curator Vyacheslav Yakimov said. "We appealed to the head of the [Afghan] museum Nicholas Salminen, and he immediately gave us the coordinates of the chairman of the regional organization Chkalov Russian public organization of invalids of the war of Afghanistan."

Each of the living photographers whose work is showcased in USUE's exhibit was asked to fill out a questionnaire about the moment the exhibited photograph was taken in order to help contextualize the Russian/Afghan conflict for museum visitors.

The exhibit will be open through mid-April and will be followed by a photography exhibition dedicated to World Wars I and II.