Friday, July 20, 2018

Inter-university conference discusses green project development

Earlier this month, the Eurasia Forum hosted an inter-regional conference on the development of green projects which result in economic prosperity.

The conference was arranged by the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in partnership with Ural State Economic University and was attended by 130 students, teachers and scientists from across the Sverdlovsk region.

Galina Yu Pakhalchak, one of the headlining speakers, led a roundtable discussion on corporate economics and management tactics in a green economy. Pakhalchak was later joined by Marina B. Vidrevich to discuss ways to involve members of a region's academic community in green projects.

"It all depends on the person, and not from nature and technology," Pakhalchak said during the conference. "After all, not a gun shoots, shoots man."

In total, 15 scientific reports on the correlation between environmentally-conscious initiatives and economic prosperity were given during the day-long events. The conference's organizers plan to include the most compelling reports in the upcoming Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.