Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Skolkovo Foundation kicks off Siberian Start-up tour

On Monday, the Skolkovo Foundation's 2014 Siberian Start-up tour began at Kuzbass Technopark in Kemorovo.

The three-day Siberian branch of the tour brings together ranking members of the Skolkovo Foundation with mentors, investors, consultants and members of state government to work with entrepreneurs to develop business ideas in the biomedical sector.

The tour began with a pitch session, allowing aspiring business owners to explain their new products or services to a panel of experts in project development and receive feedback.

The three-day session will allow participating entrepreneurs to develop a comprehensive project treatment for their biomedical enterprises and will introduce them to a variety of funding agencies.

This year's program focused predominately on innovations in ocular lenses and their application in treating burns, injuries and eye lesions.

Entrepreneurs whose projects are deemed most likely to succeed will be asked to participate in the Moscow portion of the start-up tour in June.