Friday, June 22, 2018

Thirteen UrFU students named Potanin fellows

Thirteen students from Ural Federal University have been named fellows of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

The graduate scholarship program named 300 winners after two rounds of competition. UrFU had the third highest number of scholars. Over 30 percent of this year's winners have won the fellowship before.

The students will receive a monthly stipend of $416. As members of the school fund, fellows will also be able to submit volunteer projects and win a grant for their implementation.

Winners from the UrFU include Anton Byeloborodov, Arseny Sides, Vladislav Boulichev, Alena Volkova, Vyacheslav Vysotsky, Azamat Zhendubaev, Anna Zykov, Vyacheslav Karpov, Alexander Kondratyev, Ivan Moshkin, Nikita Rukosuev, Artem Sotnikov and Danil Surkov.

The Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation scholarship seeks to provide students with financial support and serves as a means to encourage student projects.