Friday, June 22, 2018

MESI, UrFU to collaborate on online research, teaching tech implementation

Alexander Molchanov, the vice rector for e-learning at the Moscow State University of Economics, will collaborate with the administration of Ural Federal University to implement modern online research and teaching methodologies.

"Modern student[s] live in the network," Molchanov said. "There is a classic view-- if you have the internet to learn, why? Given the popularity of the world wide web, we need to establish a system of e-learning. Experience [within] federal universities shows that adequate does not mean that online learning [is] fully operational."

During his period of consulting with UrFU, Molchanov will encourage teachers to experiment more with lesson plans and teaching methods to optimize students' online learning experiences.

"The main working tools should be gadgets, filled not only [by] services for documents and periodic media, but also open internet resources, blogs, microblogging, chat rooms, online services and applications to create presentations," Molchanov said.

Prior to working with UrFU, Molchanov organized a nationwide conference on educational technologies at UrFU last year, drawing more than 350 leading experts in the field of education.