Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ural Airlines to offer spring-break Yekaterinburg-Paris flight specials

Last week, Ural Airlines announced that it will be offering specials on its flight service from Yekaterinburg to Paris.

Beginning May 20, Yekaterinburg-based travelers may purchase one-way fares to Paris at a discounted rate of $165. Moreover, one-way tickets from Paris to Yekaterinburg will go on sale on April 22 for the same price.

Flights to and from Yekaterinburg and Paris operate every Tuesday between April 22 and May 20.

Ural Airlines urges students traveling to Paris for spring break to visit some of the city's remarkable gardens, including Claude Monet's garden maze and cherry blossoms. During the spring vacation period, the Louvre will begin its late-night "Night of Museums" program.