Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sports psychologist Tatiana Yancheva holds seminar at UrFU

Sports psychologist and professor Tatiana Yancheva held a seminar for students last week at the Institute of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy at Ural Federal University.

Yancheva discussed issues of psychological support for elite athletes. She also spoke on the individual athlete and competitive fulfillment.

The seminar also included a psychological analysis of the impact of sports media on the behavior of participants in different sports.

Yancheva was brought to the school by the UrFU Development Program. Yancheva discussed her experience in creating international education programs for the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria.

The Institute of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy at the Ural Federal University has plans to work with Bulgarian colleagues in developing a joint master's program in the department of physical culture.

Yancheva is the head of the department of psychology, pedagogy and sociology of the National Sports Academy. She has a PhD in sports psychology and is a practical psychologist for teams in Bulgaria. She is a world champion and master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics.