Saturday, July 21, 2018

UrFU's women's soccer team wins Russian championships

Ural Federal University's women's soccer team competed in and won the Championship of Russia tournament on Monday.

The UrFU team left the round three of the championship undefeated. The team beat Sports School 8-1, Rubin 10-0, Legion 10-4 and Kalininets 4-1.

Daria Aliyev was named the most valuable player in the tour. The Ural Federal forward was honored for her memorable hat-trick.

UrFU led each of the 11 matches it played. In all, UrFU scored 33 points. The team will be advancing to the final championships, which will be held in Ulyanovsk in May.

Anna Mitroshkina, the executive directors of the UFU women's football club, said the March schedule of matches is going to be even tighter, adding that the team is constantly growing and that she is confident the team will meet all expectations.