Friday, June 22, 2018

UrFU hosts event to commemorate 25th anniversary of withdrawal from Afghanistan

Ural Federal University hosted an event last week dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The event brought together veterans of the Afghan war, young cadets and officers from the Military Training Center to commemorate soldiers and internationalists who died in Afghanistan.

The event featured opening remarks from Konstantin Fokin of the chief military training center at UrFU, as well as UrFU First Vice Rector Anatoly Matern, Russian Academy of Sciences Chairman Stanislav Naboichenko and UrFU Trade Union employee Vladimir Davydov.

Also speaking at the event was Sergey Zhuravlev, a disabled war veteran and graduate of UPI, which is now the Institute of Material and Metallurgical Science at Ural Federal University.

Participants laid wreaths and flowers at the memorial, which was erected in 1989 after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The monument underwent renovation in 2006.