Wednesday, June 20, 2018

City to add fleet of low-floor trolleys for passengers with disabilities

The Yekaterinburg city administration announced on Thursday that it plans to put a fleet of low-floor trolley vehicles on the streets to service passengers with disabilities.

The administration approved a trial run of Trolza's Model 5265, an environmentally-friendly cable-car vehicle with a low floor, which customers with limited mobility can board more easily than traditional trolley vehicles, reports.

The Model 5265 Megapolis boasts a sinking platform feature, allowing customers to fully board the vehicle with one step. Moreover, the trolley offers a state-of-the-art climate control system which regulates the heat in the vehicle automatically, even in temperatures of 22 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The bus has 28 seats but can safely transport up to 100 passengers, according to

Analysts estimate the vehicle will save up to 30 percent more electricity with its control system traction motors. The trolley is equipped with batteries that can power the trolley for up to 650 feet if the electrical cable system is disrupted.

A pilot study on the new buses will begin within three months on Yekaterinburg's No. 8 route. Each vehicle costs approximately $260,000 to manufacture, reports.