Friday, July 20, 2018

Federal working group for UrFU's Technopolis meets in Moscow

The Russian Ministry of Education's Ural University Technopolis working group held its first meeting in Moscow on Wednesday.

The group consisted of 15 people and was led by the chairmanship of Alexander Povalko, the deputy minister of education and science in the Russian Federation.

Representatives from Ural Federal University included Sverdlovsk region Deputy Chairman Alexander Petrov, Supervisory Chairman Dmitry Pumpyansky university Rector Viktor Koksharov and Vice Rector for Economics and Strategic Development Daniel Sandler.

"The question of attracting investment in the project, as from all budgets and extra-budgetary resources," Petrov said. "According to the presented concept of a single technopolis, the total amount of financing the construction of the technopolis will exceed [$2 billion]."

The technopolis is located near Lake Shartash on the Ural Federal University campus. It will act as the campus' scientific and education center.