Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU partners with Preakselerator startup initiative to connect entrepreneurs with investors

Ural Federal University's Internet Development Fund Initiative held its first event earlier this month with partner Preakselerator, a startup training initiative that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with investors.

"Preakselerator -- it's also a test of readiness team to talk with the investor," FRII head Vadim Malych said. "Most projects make a good project, but that is not enough. To obtain [an] investment project, [one] must pass a detailed analysis and verification of that investor."

Program participants will be given time to work with investors to enhance their proposals. During the mentoring period, aspiring entrepreneurs will receive feedback and access to industry experts.

"I think we can help not only FRII, but other funds get more prepared for the acceleration command," Malych said. "Preakselerator startup helps to understand that the whole of it is waiting for any investor and prepare answers to many questions [from the] fund or business [investor]."

Students interested in participating in Preakselerator must register through UrFU. A general meeting for interested participants will be held Feb. 22 at noon.