Saturday, June 23, 2018

City of Yekaterinburg to remove illegal kiosks, vendors

On Tuesday, the city of Yekaterinburg held a working meeting to discuss the liquidation of illegal street vendors and kiosks.

Sergei Schwindt, the first deputy head of Yekaterinburg, said several dozens of stalls and kiosks have been illegally installed around the city without the proper land lease documents. The objects are connected to the mains, he said, without any grounds, making them potentially unsafe, reports.

The city does not have full authority to remove the objects and so the effort will have to include the participation of security and supervisory authorities.

Schwindt has prepared a list of the first vendors and kiosks to be notified of removal. The owners of the kiosks will receive a notification with the designation period by which they will be required to dismantle. If not, then the removal will be done by the city, at the cost of the owner of the object, according to