Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sverdlovsk unemployment falls to 1.18 percent

The Sverdlovsk Region Economics Ministry has announced that the area's official unemployment rate dropped to 1.18 percent in January.

The current employment rate represents a 0.11 percent decrease over the unemployment rate of 1.29 percent reported in 2012, Ural Business Consulting reports.

A total of 27,160 citizens of the Sverdlovsk region reported joblessness as of Jan. 1. Meanwhile, employment experts estimate that the number of job vacancies with local employers is currently 39,167-- 1.4 percent greater than the amount of unemployed residents. In 2013, the ratio of unemployed citizens to available jobs was 0.1 percent greater.

The majority of job vacancies in the region are with employers in Yekaterinburg at 53.9 percent, followed by Nizhniy Tagil at 6.8 percent, Pervouralsk at 4.5 percent, Kamensk-Uralsky at 4.1 percent, Berezovsky at 2.9 percent, Asbest at 1.7 percent and Novouralsk at 1.6 percent, Ural Business Consulting reports.