Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Koltsovo Airport unloads largest cargo shipment in its history

Last weekend, Yekaterinburg's Koltsovo Airport unloaded a haul of power equipment weighing a total of 103 tons--the largest single shipment of cargo ever handled by the airport.

It took a team of Koltsovo Airport's cargo experts a total of five hours to unload the cargo with the help of Ruslan, a leading Russian cargo logistics firm.

The shipment was primarily comprised of industrial mining and metallurgical equipment and was transported by Volga, the largest private cargo airline in Russia.

Crews used a system of hydraulic lift platforms and cranes which were temporarily installed on the back of the aircraft to safely and efficiently unload the cargo. The offloaded equipment was then placed by crane onto a rail system and transported back to the terminal.

"This project shows how the airport has increased its capacity over the last time [such a haul was offloaded]," Koltsovo Executive Director Alexei Piskunov said. "We consistently follow the way of the formation of a major cargo center in Koltsovo, develop relationships with carriers of goods and postal administrations. Koltsovo today can offer its customers the delivery of any goods from ordinary parcels to multi-ton equipment."

In 2013, Koltsovo's cargo service processed 27,800 tons of goods, a 7.4 percent increase over 2012. Prior to last weekend's record-setting haul, the largest single shipment of cargo the airport processed weighed 80 tons.