Monday, June 18, 2018

UrFU faculty awarded Bazhova prize for local history book

Faculty members of Ural Federal University's Department of Folklore and Ancient Literature were recently awarded the Bazhova Literary Prize for their collaborative work on local history.

UrFU folklore department members Elena Sozin, Oleg Zyryanov, Peter Mangeilev, Elena Prikazchikova and Larissa Sobolev worked together for seven years to compile the book, which is a comprehensive collection of Ural-area history.

"This is a huge collective effort, unprecedented in Russia because such studies are not allocated funds or grants," Sobolev said. "My colleagues and I have tried to understand the originality of our region in its spiritual incarnation, and talk about this in our book. This volume -- the story of our multinational literature [in the] Urals."

The Bazhova Prize Committee, which usually accepts applications from hopeful prize winners, selected the volume to receive the award without petitions on behalf of the authors. This year, the prize committee received 43 applications from authors across Russia.

"The merits of the humanities are vary rarely awarded any prizes," Sobolev said. "[It] looks like [there is] some public appreciation for our work."