Thursday, June 21, 2018

UrFU hosts student forum for industrial development

Ural Federal University will host a forum of students from across 14 European countries from Feb. 1-10 to discuss industrial development.

Comprised of 30 students from leading technical universities in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and Portugal, among others, the Fun Factory Fairground forum will feature lectures from industrial leaders.

Speakers from Coca Cola and Ural Mining University will first give overviews of their organizations' opportunities for hands-on industrial training programs. Student participants will be given tours of Coca Cola and Ural Mining University's factories. Forum organizers have also planned visits to several notable locations in Yekaterinburg, including art and culture museums and fine dining restaurants.

Fun Factory Fairground was organized by the Association of Students of Technical Universities, an affiliate of EuropeBEST, the Board of European Students of Technology.