Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rostelecom to develop emergency services system in Khakassia

The Krasnoyarsk branch of Rostelecom signed an agreement after winning a bid on a contract to develop the System-112 emergency services system in the Republic of Khakassia.

Rostelecom will develop a documentation system designed to pass emergency services through a single number--112.

The federal operator is currently collecting data on the operations of "System 112" in the territory's medical, law enforcement, emergency and rescue services.

"Its development is specific to the region and corresponds to increased customer requirements for system reliability," Sergei Ivanov, the director of Rostelecom's Krasnoyarsk branch, said, adding that the project is important from a social responsibility perspective and gives the company the ability to reaffirm its status as leader of the Russian telecommunications market.

The project aims to organize the reception and processing of complaints about public emergencies, in an effort to strengthen measures to protect the life and health of citizens while also preserving property, personal and public safety.