Saturday, June 23, 2018

UTair ranks as airliner with most number of emergencies in 2013

Ural Federal District's Deputy Public Prosecutor for Transportation Maxim Grishayev announced on Monday that UTair Aviation Company had the most emergencies last year among air carriers based in the district.

"This was the case last year and the year before the last," Grishayev said, Ural Business Consulting reports. "However, the reason for such statistics is that the company operates over 400 aircraft."

In most cases it was reported that the airplanes had to perform emergency landings due to false warnings.

"The overall security index stands at more than 90 percent for all the airlines," Grishayev said, according to Ural Business Consulting.

According to inspections, the authorities report that flights were delayed for such reasons as worsening weather conditions, a lack of reserve aircraft and because of planes arriving too late at their airports.

Under existing regulations, a lack of back-up planes qualifies as a violation, Grishayev stated, Ural Business Consulting reports.