Friday, June 22, 2018

Plans for renovation of Yekaterinburg's Central Stadium under review

Proposed reconstruction projects involving the roads and infrastructural facilities surrounding Yekaterinburg's Central Stadium are currently under state review.

Trust Uraltransspetsstroy, the design firm responsible for planning the revised road networks around the stadium, has begun collaborating with Moscow's Kanalstroyproekt firm to prepare design plans for submission for federal examination, reports.

Prior to federal review, the administration of Yekaterinburg will evaluate the project's documents to ensure they are in full compliance with local and national guidelines. Project managers have enlisted MUP Capital Construction to oversee the designers' work and act as the stadium's legal representation during the review process.

Current plans call for the stadium's streets on Repin Lenin Avenue and Tatischeva Street to be rebuilt to accommodate the increased road and foot traffic during the 2018 World Cup. Later, Popova street is to be converted into a one-way highway and full pedestrian zone, which will be connected to Central Stadium with Weiner Street, according to