Monday, August 20, 2018

CSKA Director Valery Nepomnyashchy discusses team training for 2014

In a recent interview with CSKA TV, Director Valery Nepomnyashchy described the team's 2014 training at Spain's Real Club de Golf Campoamor.

Nepomnyashchy said it's important for a coach not to be too optimistic in the first few weeks. From his viewpoint on the sidelines, he noted the training process is well-organized and the team is engaged in positive conditioning, with comfortable weather.

He also uses the sidelines opportunity to watch how players operate and how they deal with fatigue and their emotions. He said the players are working hard and that he does not see any changes that need to made in the team's defense.

In interacting with coaches, Nepomnyashchy said players are not communicating with coaches all day but that they do take time two or three times during the day to check in with each other.