Saturday, June 16, 2018

UrFU's men's handball team wins second victory in championships

Ural Federal University's men's handball team competed in the third round of the First League of the Russian Championships in late December, scoring their second victory in the competition.

Held in Kazan, the competition pitted UrFU against the league's leaders, two teams from Moscow--RBM Kuncevo No. 2 and Drummer.

Ural Federal University lost its first game against RBM Kuncevo with a final score of 30-39. UrFU fully recovered in the second game, beating Drummer 36-24.

The team's leaders included Anatoly Postol from the Graduate School of Economics and Management and Yuri Kozyuberda, a student in the Construction Institute.

The team advances to the next round of competition on Feb. 23-24 in Moscow.

Handball is a team sport pitting two teams of seven against each other for two 30-minute periods. The team with the most goals at the end wins. Games are usually played indoors.