Saturday, July 21, 2018

Internet, cable outages affect thousands in Yekaterinburg

Thousands of residents of Yekaterinburg remain without internet or cable television, after fiber optic communication lines were destroyed by work on local transportation infrastructure.

Outages affect approximately 400,000 subscribers of the following Russian cable providers: VimpelCom, Megaphone, MTS, Comstar, Rostelecom, Uralwestcom, TransTelecom and others, IP News reports.

Services were interrupted when Yekaterinburg's Tram and Trolleybus Management service cut communication lines running along tram tracks and surrounding light poles to carry out tram maintenance.

When the Tram and Trolleybus Management service finishes its work, the fiber optic lines will be moved underground where they will be less likely to be disrupted by future work or weather, according to IP News.