Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU, MGIMO students pitch tech ideas to Russian government

Students from both Ural Federal University and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations--or MGIMO-- recently participated in a video conference, where they proposed information technology development ideas to the Russian federal government.

The video conference was attended by Russian Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Mark Shmulevich.

"The idea of a living dialogue to discuss interesting topics, products and ideas online seemed to be successful and we were not disappointed," UrFU IT director Irinia Bogdanovich said. "Lots of guys in our university are now connected to the movement of IT start-ups, and we try to keep them abreast of the latest advances in the industry, including conducting such conferences.

Students and government officials discussed ways to improve the teaching of information technology in grade school, as well as at the university level. The conferees also discussed issues related to the regulation of the internet, mobile media and streaming web content.

"The information technology industry is not strictly necessary to regulate," Shmulevich said. "If you ask any major IT-creator of what he needs for the business, he will tell you - that no one has touched."