Monday, June 18, 2018

Uraltransmash trams to arrive in Yekaterinburg by 2018

Last Friday, Deputy Heads of Yekaterinburg Eugene Lipovich and Alexander Vysokinsky approved a new tramcar design by Uraltransmash that is scheduled to arrive in Yekaterinburg by 2018.

The floors of the new electric tram cars will sit closer to the ground, allowing elderly and physically disabled passengers to board and exit the trams more easily, reports.

"This tram battery is self-propelling," Uraltransmash Chief Designer Sergei Solovyov, according to "In the summer, the cruising range of these trams is about 43.5 miles; in the winter, 24.9 miles."

Members of the city's administration and Uraltransmash designers alike have said the energy-efficient trams will become an asset to Yekaterinburg's infrastructure because they will improve the residents' quality of life and operate using less energy than traditional trams.

"We need these trams for several reasons," Vyskokinsky said, reports. "We will develop tram lines in remote areas, as well. Naturally it will be cheaper to develop it without the top, which is the trolley. The tram goes only by rail grid, which is much cheaper than a full-sized tram."

Prior to taking delivery of the first wave of new tram cars, city officials must first allocate funding in the municipal budget. The first set of 10 cars may arrive as early as 2014, while most city officials believe the new tram system will be fully installed by 2018.