Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Alstom to produce wind turbines for Brazil's Queiroz Galvao

Alstom recently signed two contracts with Brazilian infrastructure group Queiroz Galvão for construction of wind turbines on two wind farms in northeastern Brazil, a project estimated $547 million.

The Caldeirão Grande I and II wind farms will bring electricity to 600,000 people. Alstom will deliver the wind turbines between 2015 and 2017 production is finished at its Camaçari manufacturing unit.

Alstom's ECO 122 wind turbine--the latest in the company's 100 series-- features a 122m rotor, which is one of the largest rotors in the 2-3MW turbine segment. It works well in low and medium wind regions by using a combination of high power and high capacity.

"Signing this second wind project with Queiroz Galvão highlights the good partnership we established with the company. The first one was signed in 2012 for the manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning of ECO 122 wind turbines in two wind farms, located in the Northeast of Brazil, as well as operation and maintenance of the turbines for 10 years," Alstom Brazil President Marcos Costa said.

Alstom is a leader in the wind power market in Brazil, having signed contracts to install over 1,700 MW of wind power capacity in Brazil.

The company has more than 2,500 wind turbines across more than 150 wind farms, globally, producing over 3,800 MW.